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Omar Industries is a manufacturing concern of API Grade Drilling Bentonite. The bentonite drilling mud is prepared under the supervision of high profile technical staff. Company’s mines are located in Northern area of Pakistan.

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Bentonite API

  • During the drilling processes drilling mud (gel) is crucial in the extraction of drill cutting.
  • In well drilling process drilling mud (gel) is a major component.
  • Another conventional use of bentonite is as a mud constituent for oil and water well drilling. Its roles are mainly to seal the borehole walls, to remove drill cuttings and to lubricate the cutting head.


  • Bentonite extracts the drill cutting from around the bit which is then floated to the surface.
  • Bentonite seals the drill hole against seepage and prevents wall cavities and leakages.
  • Bentonite (Drilling mud) served to cool and lubricate the drill bit.
  • Bentonite form slurry with leakages that is pumped through drill stem and out through drill bit, OCMA & API Bentonite.


Sr. No. Parameters API 13 A SECTION-11 (OCMA)
1 Viscometer dial reading at 600 rpm 30 min
2 YP / PV Ratio 6 max
3 API Fluid Loss 16 ml max
4 Residue > 75 µm 2.5% max
5 Moisture Content 13% max